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Benefits of Yoga

Regular practice of yoga can give a general feeling of good physical health and psychological well-being. It can help us to face the challenges of ill health and can assist with the management of many kinds of physical and psychological problem, including arthritis, back pain, depression, loss of balance and many others.

Iyengar yoga’s focus on postural alignment, accuracy and attention to detail in the poses can help with the various types of postural/structural problems that we may have. It can also assist in the release of emotional tensions, improve concentration and relieve the mind and body of stress. This, in turn, can lead us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and help us to cope more easily with the challenges of everyday life.

Many studies have shown the positive influence of yoga on health, but the most telling comments come from yoga students themselves. They know from their experience in class and in their own personal practice, that the poses practised in Iyengar yoga allow them to access all of their muscle groups, increase the flexibility of their joints, develop general stability, steadiness and stamina, and improve breath control and respiration. For many, this leads to greater balance and confidence in many areas of life.


Can I do yoga while pregnant?

If you have been coming to classes with us for a while, you can still attend your regular class throughout your pregnancy. Just make sure that your teacher is aware so that they can adapt the poses for you. If you are a new student, or are thinking of joining a class, there may be a more gentle class that would suit you, but please contact us to discuss further.

Can I eat before class?

Yoga poses are more comfortable when practised on an empty stomach, so try to leave 3-4 hours after a main meal or 2 hours after a light

Do I bring any equipment?

The centre has everything you need for your yoga class including mats, belts and blocks. If you prefer to use your own mat then bring it with you. There is a range of equipment for sale at the centre (please see Membership and merchandise page).

Do I need to book classes in advance?

We do suggest you book in advance. We do understand, though, that it’s not always possible to book classes in advance, so all of our classes can be attended on a drop-in basis

I’ve got some physical difficulties/medical condition. Will yoga help?

Regular practice of yoga can be extremely beneficial for a wide range of conditions, but we also offer a specific Remedial Class where students follow an individually tailored and supervised programme. If you have not attended the centre before, we request that you fill in and sign a Medical Declaration form and bring it to your first class. If you have any of the conditions detailed on the form, your teacher will advise you.

What can I expect in an Iyengar Yoga class?

You will be introduced to the basic asanas (postures), which will include standing, sitting and recuperative poses. All the asanas have Sanskrit names, but the teacher will demonstrate, so you will follow easily. The teacher will help you use yoga props such as belts and blocks to help you achieve the postures to the best of your ability.

All the asanas have different effects on the body and mind. The basic postures build strength and stamina, improve muscular tone, flexibility and alignment. Practising them will reduce tiredness and soothe the nerves. It also trains and disciplines the mind, so concentration is improved.
If you are menstruating there are certain postures that are not suitable, so please consult the teacher before the class starts.

What else do I need to know?
  • We would be very grateful if you could bear a few points in mind so that everyone can enjoy the full benefits of the class:
  • Please switch off your mobile phone before you enter the building.
  • Please don’t bring any food or drink into the yoga studios.
  • Please don’t wear strong smelling perfumes, deodorants or aftershave.
  • Please treat any infectious foot conditions such as verrucas and athletes’ foot.
  • Please keep jewellery to a minimum.
  • Please don’t come into the studio during the invocation at the start of class if you arrive late.
  • Please DO return any equipment used during a class neatly and safely to the storage area.
What should I wear?

There are no special yoga clothes, just clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move your arms and legs freely. Many students find leggings, shorts and t-shirts to be the most comfortable clothes to wear.

Will everyone be young and fit?

Iyengar Yoga is for everyone irrespective of age, health, religion and circumstances in life. Yoga is not competitive, so you will not be comparing yourself with others in the class. Iyengar Yoga uses equipment to enable students to develop strength, flexibility and control in a posture and achieve up to their own capacity.

Will the classes be all women?

No. More men are beginning to realise the benefits of yoga and many attend regular classes at MDIY.

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