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Our Teachers

All our teachers are fully-qualified, experienced Iyengar yoga practitioners who hold the Iyengar yoga Certification Mark. The Certification Mark indicates that the teacher has been trained to rigorously high standards and satisfies all on-going professional development requirements.

All current MDIY teachers are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • Abrams519

    Joan Abrams

    Certification Level: Level 3

    Joan has been teaching yoga since 1977 and regularly attends teachers’ classes at the centre. She retired from her ‘day job’ as an English teacher and now takes a keen interest in teaching recuperative yoga as well as general classes.

  • Ashton2124

    Tracey Ashton

    Certification Level: Level 1

    I have been a primary school teacher for 20 years. I always loved sport and fitness. I was a long distance runner who ran for a local running club and competed in several marathons, half-marathons and cross-country races. I came across yoga when injured and a physiotherapist recommended that I try to incorporate more stretching into my training. After one session I was hooked and have been attending classes, workshops and events ever since. Last year I enrolled on the teacher training course and I am relishing learning more about the Iyengar method of yoga.

  • Barber456

    Sarah Pettitt

    Certification Level: Level 2

    Sarah started yoga in 2001, she was looking to ‘get back in shape’ after the birth of her daughter, to have a little ‘me’ time in a busy week and to manage stress levels from a pressured job. Instantly 'hooked' she soon realised that focused practice was reaping immeasurable rewards. Sarah didn't realise at the time that 'happening upon' this weekly class would blossom into a new way of life. Wanting a greater understanding of the Iyengar method and having developed a passion to teach, Sarah trained at MDIY and qualified at the Introductory Level 2 in 2010. Sarah then decided to leave her career of 27 years as a Design separation artist to teach full time. Sarah's training is on-going and in 2015 she qualified as Intermediate Junior Level 1 teacher. Sarah attends weekly teachers classes and regular further training workshops around the U.K. In 2016 & 2018 she spent a month training at B.K.S. Iyengar’s Ramamani Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India and has another visit coming up soon.

  • Bartholomew228

    Debra Bartholomew

    Certification Level: Level 3

    (Level 3 – 2007) has been practising yoga for over 30 years and now teaches Iyengar Yoga full time after working for 24 years in the building trade as a Builders’ Merchant. She teaches at MDIY, for local education authorities and for the NHS. Debbie is an IY (UK) Assessor and Mentor. She has been to India and taught by Geeta Iyengar many times and has been lucky enough to be taught by BKS Iyengar twice, at Crystal Palace in 1993 and in Paris in 1997. Debbie is also a member of the MDIY Classes & Events Committee.

  • Booth43

    Tricia Booth

    Certification Level: Level 3

    (Senior Intermediate level 3 – 1982) was a physiotherapist when she began practising Iyengar Yoga. She has been teaching for over 40 years. Tricia has made many visits to Pune to study with Guruji and has also taken numerous classes with him on his visits to the UK. For many years Tricia ran the Introductory Level teacher training courses with Jeanne Maslen and now does so with Julie Brown and Marion Kilburn. Tricia was Chairman of the MDIY Executive Committee from 1983 to 2010. She has served as Chairman of the Assessment and Teacher Training Committee of IY (UK) and is an IY (UK) Moderator for teacher assessments. At Guruji’s request, Tricia is one of the named teachers who has long-standing teaching experience and is listed as one of The Most Senior Leading Teachers of the UK.

  • Brown30

    Julie Brown

    Certification Level: Level 4

    (Advanced Junior L1 – 2015) qualified in 1981. She is challenged and thoroughly enjoys being part of the team training teachers and also running the Monday teachers’ class at MDIY. She has had the privilege of attending classes at RIMYI. Julie is an IY (UK) Moderator for teacher assessments and will be familiar to many yoga practitioners from her popular DVD ‘Practice and Enjoy’.

  • Avatar

    Elena Grigorenko

    Certification Level: Level 1

  • Everitt102

    Charlotte Everitt

    Certification Level: Level 1

    Charlotte has been practising Iyengar yoga since 2000 and qualified as an Introductory level 2 teacher in 2008. She has visited RIMYI in Pune three times to attend classes there. She regularly attends Debbie Bartholomew’s classes at the centre and was elected on to the MDIY Executive Committee at the 2012 AGM, and has been Chair since 2017, having been a member of the MDIY since 2007.

  • Avatar

    Faye Anderson

    Certification Level: Level 1

  • Avatar

    Sarah Franklin

    Certification Level: Level 1

  • Howarth91

    Julie Howarth

    Certification Level: Level 2

    (Junior Intermediate level 2 – 2015) has always been interested in keeping fit and for over 10 years enjoyed attending various gyms and exercise classes. Her interest in yoga came after reading about the benefits of good posture, stamina and better breathing. Julie thought it would improve her hobbies of ice-skating and horse-riding and, as she worked in an office, with too many hours sitting at a desk, she decided to give it a go. Julie joined the MDIIY in 1995 and has been attending classes ever since. Her Mum, encouraged by Julie, also joined and many years later, after much cajoling (nagging), her husband and even Dad have joined the yoga journey. Julie began her teacher training in 2005 and qualified November 2007. Being made redundant in 2006 helped her to make the decision to concentrate on yoga teaching.

  • Kilburn36

    Marion Kilburn

    Certification Level: Level 3

    (Senior Intermediate level 3 – 1996) has been teaching for over 27 years. She is also a teacher trainer at MDIY and an assessor and moderator for IY (UK). As well as teaching at MDIY, Marion runs classes mainly in the locality of South Manchester, Didsbury and Chorlton. She has visited Pune, India many times to study with BKS Iyengar, Prashant and Geeta.

  • Mistry281

    Vanita Mistry

    Certification Level: Level 1

    (Junior Intermediate L1) was introduced to Iyengar yoga at the dizzy height of the 27th floor of Piccadilly Plaza in Manchester in the mid 1980s. She says, ‘I will always be indebted to Carole Lawrence (an MDIY yoga teacher) who taught the lunchtime classes there, for inspiring and encouraging me to join MDIY and train to be a teacher.’ Yoga has improved her energy levels and made her a more respective person. Vanita is grateful for the opportunity of passing on her trained yoga practice and knowledge.

  • Mori79

    Rita Mori

    Certification Level: Level 1

    (Junior Intermediate level 1 – 2015) The first time Rita did yoga, she knew she had found her art. Rita was “totally hooked”. After practising for seven years she decided to train as a yoga teacher and gained her qualification as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in 2010. Rita really enjoys teaching yoga and feels very passionate about the subject. She is therefore keen to pass this on to others and show them the benefits as they have benefitted her and still do. Yoga has an enormous impact on Rita’s life. She has completely changed as a result of the practice as it has improved her both mentally and physically. Practising Yoga makes Rita feel “connected, grounded, alive and well.”

  • Royle93

    Julie Royle

    Certification Level: Level 3

    (Senior Intermediate level 3 – 2007) has been teaching yoga for over 30 years. She has attended classes and special events in Pune on five occasions, completed a course of remedial workshops at MDIY as well as teaching on a yoga for lower back pain trial. Julie takes a general class suitable for all abilities on a Thursday evening together with an intermediate class on a Wednesday morning for those wishing to work more intensely in their practice.

  • Savage10

    Susan Savage

    Certification Level: Level 2

    Susan has been attending yoga classes since 1997 but became a dedicated yoga practitioner to Iyengar Yoga since 2004. She is qualified to Intermediate Junior Level 2 (2019). Susan has spent a month at the Ramamani Centre in Pune (2018) and had the privilege of being taught by Geeta Iyengar and Abijata Iyengar. She is also our Membership Secretary

  • Skinner454

    Kim Skinner

    Certification Level: Level 2

    (Junior Intermediate level 2 – 2014) first tried yoga at the age of 15. Her friend wanted to lose weight and asked her to go with her to an adult education class. The few memories Kim retained were “giggling a lot”, “doing the “candle” – shoulder stand – and of taking a blanket to class. (The bus driver once asked her if she was leaving home.) Over the following 20 years or so Kim would occasionally attend classes, but only became a regular attender when she joined Marion Kilburn’s class. Kim trained in Sheffield with Marion and Frances Homewood and qualified in 2007. Kim also feels very privileged to have attended classes in Pune in October 2010.

  • Tunstall513

    Clare Tunstall

    Certification Level: Level 3

    After practising for 27 years, (this year), and qualifying as an Level 3 Iyengar teacher I have enjoyed the transition where yoga is now not an escape, it is incorporated into my everyday life. It permeates everything during the day from the way I sit, to the way I see myself. Yoga has helped me to grow strong both internally and externally. I am enthusiastic about teaching others the amazing benefits of Iyengar yoga and how it becomes more than just a physical exercise. What matters to me most is that you enjoy your yoga practice. Once you start to enjoy it you will learn endless possibilities.

  • Walker279

    margaret walker

    Certification Level: Level 1

  • Wilkinson33

    Deborah Wilkinson

    Certification Level: Level 3

    Debbie attended a yoga class at the YMCA in Manchester in the early ’90s and fortunately for her, David Reddicen took the class that night and she absolutely loved it! Her enthusiasm must have shone through as David told her about MDIY. Debbie began regularly attending the centre for classes and was then recommended for the Teacher training course by Marjorie Saville. Qualifying in 2002 and continuing with her Yoga studies, Debbie now holds a IJ3 certificate and is involved with the peer group mentoring at MDIY. Debbie attends the teacher’s class at MDIY, with Julie Brown and online classes from RIMYI in Pune. Debbie lives and teaches yoga in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

  • Wright591

    Nicky Wright

    Certification Level: Level 3

    Nicky is an enthusiastic, long time practitioner of Iyengar yoga, qualifying to teach in 2005. She has continued her studies with her teacher Alan Brown and other senior teachers and currently holds a Level 3 Certification. As an Interior architecture & design graduate she has a passion for teaching in a visual and creative way, her firm foundation of practice, clarity of instruction, humour and grounded nature makes her a popular teacher at MDIY in Manchester and in and around Lancashire where she is based. Nicky has been fortunate enough to visit the RIMYI Institute in Pune, India three times, most recently in January 2018. She regularly travels to workshops and events in the UK and Europe to further develop her practice and teaching.

  • Wright921

    Alison Wright

    Certification Level: Level 1

    Alison first experienced Iyengar yoga in 2011, when she stumbled upon a class led by a senior MDIY teacher. At the end of the session, she rolled up her mat knowing she had found her pathway in life. After 6 years rigorous training, she is now herself qualified to teach. She has recently gone part time in her job as a Design lecturer to devote more time to sharing the wonderful teachings of BKS Iyengar. Alison enjoys furthering her learning by regularly attending workshops run by internationally renowned senior teachers.

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